Know what you want? Then the more you can put into a written brief, the better.

Don’t know what you want? Then let us guide you.

In both cases, we can show you the wide variety of event stationery and unique experiences that we have designed in the past. Once you get to look, touch and feel, we can get an idea of what you like and what you don’t.

We listen and develop an understanding of your big picture  –  what you are thinking and feeling about how you see the event unfolding. We discuss with you the areas that our experience and creativity can extend and develop the original ideas.

So we end up with an overall feel and theme, an idea of the size and medium for the invite, the ‘special effects’ (which can include foiled print, custom packaging, 3D, etc) and we determine the number of guests, the number of invitations that equates to and, most importantly, your budget. A deposit is then paid to secure our services.


We’ll present a selection of options to you that reflect our experience, attention to detail and passion for original design. The selection will range from ‘top of the line’ options which will blow everyone away, to more prudent designs, with style and class that will always impress.


You decide what you want from the presented options, mixing and matching if required. Once we provide you with a final quote, minor tweaking of requirements can be accommodated.

Significant deviation from the final quote however, such as quantities, design, effects, etc may lead to price increases to reflect additional material and design costs.


Once we’ve worked with you to select the best approach for creating your unique event, you can leave all the complexities of the production process to our specialist staff. You can be assured that your job is checked and double checked at every step.

We will ensure that you are aware of the realistic time frames to enable us to deliver our quality product. This may involve extra time for multiple, complex printing techniques, hand written calligraphy and detailed assembly. Always remember that superior quality products often take time.

Most importantly, the time frames are often dependent on you the  client being organised with such things as wording, venue details and guest lists.


We ensure that we meet agreed deadlines to facilitate relaxed and happy clients.

We guarantee the finished product always generates comment and excitement. Right from the start, your guests will be impressed that your event will be a very memorable experience.